Artificial Or Fresh Flowers – That’s The Question

There is no doubt that flowers can truly add charm, color and beauty to a room. However, the question that occurs is whether to choose fresh or artificial flowers. Consider the following:

  • Fresh flowers add not only beauty but also fragrance so they are more satisfying to have around.
  • Fresh flowers can be sourced from your own garden or wild flowers will as well do the job. In this way they can be obtained for free and you have a wide variety to flowers that you can keep changing and replacing as you want. Artificial flowers can be expensive and offer you limited options in terms of flower arrangements and placements.
  • Artificial flowers may be a onetime cost that will last for a long time, as against having to purchase fresh flowers periodically (if you have no access to a garden or wildflowers).
  • You don’t have to keep changing the water with artificial flowers (which can get quite stinky when you are using real flowers).
  • Also you don’t have to examine the arrangement to remove the dead or droopy items when you use artificial flowers.
  • Then of course there is no substitute for the real thing; fresh flowers are a thing of beauty that artificial flowers can copy but never really replace!

Photo Credit: sjb4photos


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