Interior Design Trends You Shouldn’t Miss

The first thing to understand in designing your home is to think about what you really want. You must have an idea on how much space you need, what color, and even what furniture.

A good design always comes out on a personal preference, choosing custom design and color will bring out the uniqueness of the project. Make a personal statement on what you want. Experiment on colors and choose the ones that describe you.

Some interior design trends come out every now and then and so aside from your imagination, you have to be very watchful on the things you see and take note of them.

Avoid asking too much people for opinion or you will lose original track of the project. Simply redefine and don’t be afraid to try the extremes.

Fundamental combination of trendy designs

Color coding: Black, gray, and white are in. Black with minimum lightness and maximum darkness contrasts a white color that nowadays does not only pertains to masculine design but brings out the elegant color of the room. It will always be the dominant color in most designs.

Ecology: This is not only limited to the outside since interior design trends call for a cool cozy living putting ecology design inside the house, accommodating some plants and flowers. Some greens inside the house can actually give you a more relaxing and fresher atmosphere.

Curve trend: Sofas and table tops that are mostly designed on soft curves. Their smooth finish adds to a homey look of a room.

Earthly tones: Interior design trends that showcase earthly tones are normally seen in a residential house especially where children are present.

Contemporary look: Some designers prefer a sleek line in their designs especially on furniture around the place. Less carving is more appreciated. Window treatment comes in different style. Interior design trends include layered or woven treatments. Avoid using fussy drape to bring out fresh and open passage.

Wall paper: Wall paper is a do-it-yourself personal touch on your design. You can choose on either textured or glossy surface.

Customized wall arts: These interior design trends are often seen in children and teenagers’ bedrooms. May it be printed portraits, stencils or drawings carefully printed on the wall, this customized artwork can bring more life to any room.

Blending designs: These particular interior design trends should be carefully implemented. It is a fusion of old and new, like an east and west mixture. Unique pieces of furniture should be selected and not be confused with the other culture trend if you’re working on blending designs.

Crafted material: It is an alternative if you wish to shy away from mass produced decorations. Some interior design trends allow you to design a single decoration that will outstand amongst the other.

Make: Polished woods, metal and glass will always be present in interior design trends while bamboo, hardwood and natural materials will always be visible in natural interior designs. Remember that shiny and glossy are trademarks of interior design trends.


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