A Bathtub Far From Traditional Ceramic

A modern bathroom requires lots of efforts and mostly- comfort and imagination. The modern designers know this and they are trying to turn our bathrooms into an oasis of pleasure and spiritual ambience.

The MAAX brand is perhaps one of the most unusual designer brands that are creating bathroom furniture without any other equivalent. Their works have been praised by many, for they are unusual and eccentric, but still modern and innovative.

Their latest product is a wooden bathtub, whose basic idea was to make us think green. The designers made the bathroom totally comfortable and natural, as they equipped it with marble, stone, glass and chrome.

Those combinations have turned the bathtub into a luxury but simply furniture. The lines of the bathtub and its entire vision speak of an aesthetic innovation.

The bathtub is curvy, spacious and comfortable. It fits all kinds of bathroom and promised an unusual atmosphere. The MAAX bathtub is now in limited edition.

As for the inspiration, the designers behind this super bathtub have said they created it to resemble an egg’s shape, for this is the most perfect form in the nature.

Originally the whole construction was meant to be only from acrylic, but the designers decided to put different materials, in order to create a masterpiece.


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