Rustic Décor To Beautify Your Ski Cabin

In case you have to decorate your ski cabin or any other cabin at your home, there are few things you should consider as very important. At first, the experts are advising you to go for rustic décor.

It is extremely useful and it doesn’t require some major changes in the cabin space. You can keep the architecture style, but explore the new options by adding some new fabrics, furniture or colors. It will refresh the space and mostly – it will add the style you would want to achieve.

ski cabin 1

Warm tones are so far the ones that go perfectly for ski cabins. Don’t go for dramatic or dark colors, it will change the idea of the cabin. Therefore create a light by decorating with warm tones and colors. Light wood is the main material for the furniture, for it goes perfect with the rock walls of your cabin. The ethnic atmosphere is also a plus.

The designers have used the so called color wheel. It is called so, because of the usage of typical colors such as sea foam, moss, sage and olive.

ski cabin 2

Those colors are creating some kind of oasis, very proper for ski cabins. The fans of the contemporary design can also add some modern accents such as the black and white fabrics or furniture.

Citrus shades and hot-hued accessories are perfect combination for space like this. Mismatching the accessories is also good idea. Create an interesting and artistic contrast by adding different patterns and colors.

ski cabin 3For instance, you can add some contrastive pillows to your sofa. This is also a way to change the interior.

Don’t forget that details are those that make an interior interesting. Don’t hesitate to add some personal touch to your ski cabin.

You can add some paintings made by your little ones or family pictures on the walls. Create a geometrical harmony by adding different sized accessories.

The colors of the walls are also important, but the rustic style is exactly that style, in which the walls are left simple and rough.

Therefore, leave the walls without painting them. Curtains are also part of the entire look. Go for smooth fabrics in bright colors such as red or orange. The latest tendency is for unusual and pop combination like red curtains and orange carpets.

The carpets also require your attention. The typical Arabic carpets are very proper, for they provide warmth and an exotic touch to the cabin room.


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