Not Very Comfortable But Quite Unique Piece Of Furniture

Wow! A color changing piece of furniture!? Well the entire range from Nuno Erin has this property of changing colors in response to body heat.

This lounge chair from Nuno Erin in particular is named the Love Handle. It has a thermo-sensitive finish. It is activated with the warmth of a body. When a person relaxes on this lounge chair, the chair starts changing color in response to the body heat. When the person leaves the chair, one can see the place marked with different colors. This interesting piece of functional furniture is a unique concept from the designer.

The lounge chair is amply cushioned and should be comfortable to lounge on. Sitting on these chairs activates the thermo sensors and leaves behind temporary marks on the chair.

Other furniture in the thermo sensitive range includes the Swamp Stool, Cyprus Stool, Duckweed Lounge and Swamp Lounge. You can also pick touch wall panels that change color on touch. Some of these are available in solid colors like red, burgundy and of course black.

This unique color-changing furniture born from a design studio in Mississippi can add some to the cool factor. The furniture can easily become the center of attraction in commercial spaces, tempting people to sit on them and then admire the art their body heat created.


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