The Ideal Bathtub For A Small Apartment

bath tubQuite a few people live in small apartments and while trying to happily coexist with the tiny apartment, the biggest challenge lies in the bathroom[Bathroom designs].

Most are usually so small that if an individual steps 2 feet, right or left, they will quickly be reminded by the bathroom that they are not the only one there.

To make the space more efficient the first section that should be looked at is the bathtub. Most likely it is taking up a large chunk of the space in the bathroom.

If you want to economize the space, the most ideal bathtub is the corner bathtub. It’s small but, if chosen right, can be a gorgeous addition to the bathroom.

Plus, since it goes in a corner it will take up a lot less space than that long, hideous bathtub that is likely currently taking up space in the bathroom.

Once the corner tub is chosen, the material is next. The best material would most likely be acrylic because it is malleable, can be molded to fit the bathroom corner, is easily cleaned and lasts longer than other materials. Also, since the color is throughout the material, it maintains color better.

This bathtub can also fit two people, so couples can enjoy.


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