Hypnotic But Nevertheless Amazing Tile

Can’t take your eyes off the wall? That’s the whole idea behind this futuristic metal tile range from the maverick designer Karim Rashid.

This cell tile range is the result of a productive collaboration between the designer and Alloy design, an Australian company. Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, these tiles increase the cool factor of a place quite a few notches.

This trend setting range offers eight different patterns, all in the recurring cell pattern. These metal tiles have a mesmerizing effect on the beholder and can prove to be super cool focal points of attraction. Once applied to the walls they have a strange 3D effect heightened by light playing off it. It feels as if the cells are moving in a wave.

If you are on the look for a wall-treatment that will leave the viewers speechless then choose from this metal tile range. The polished metal tiles are available in copper, steel, brass, raw steel and titanium finishes. These out of the world tiles are named suitably too with names like Infinit, Flux, Kismet, Karma, Kink, Ubiquity and Ninja.

These designer uber cool metal tiles will prove to be the trendsetters this season. Bring the future into your spaces with these futuristic tiles.

Source: trendir


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