Hutches, Sideboards And Corner Cabinets – How To Use Them To Best Advantage

hutchJust as a bedroom is more than just a bed, so a living room is more than just a sofa or couch; and a dining room is more than just tables and chairs.

Creating a harmonious and well coordinated look for any room requires more than just the bare minimums and you can use accent furniture such as hutches, sideboards, credenza and corner cabinets; even other items like a bar and bar stools to furnish rooms effectively.

A Hutch: Basically a Hutch is a wooden cabinet, which may have several sections and shelves, some with glass frontages and perhaps some drawers as well.

A hutch is a popular choice for displaying mementos, family photos or heirlooms, trophies, and even crystal and china. You can even use a hutch for your hi-fi system, and to store items like CDs and DVDs. Here the hutch can efficiently do the job of an entertainment center.

Having mirrors fitted on the inside of the hutch can create an illusion of space and drama. Also you can light the insides for maximum impact, particularly when using the hutch as a décor element.

A Corner cabinet: As the name suggests, this fits into one corner of a room, optimally utilizing space and providing an interesting décor accent for the room.

This again can be used for storage and display as well – a nice bowl of fruit for the dining room perhaps, or an urn or a vase for artificial flowers in the living room. It can create an illusion of space in its corner if fitted with mirrors on the inside.

Sideboards and servers: These can be an excellent practical solution for your dining room – lots of storage space for your table linen and the better china, and a flat surface that can come in really handy for when you’re entertaining.

You can lay out a buffet there, or a cold platter or even place crockery and cutlery for your guests to help themselves from the side board or a server in the dining room.

A Mini bar setting: Many compact bars are available that are not only attractive, they provide a home for your glasses, tumblers, flutes etc. Also these come fitted with crisscross slats to house your wine bottles in the appropriate horizontal position so keep the corks moist.

Also drawers and cabinets ensure that you have place for your cocktail shaker, stirrers, peg measures and other bar equipment.


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