5 Refreshing Contemporary Bathroom Styles

1. Minimalist

The minimalistic décor for the bathrooms is already praised as the best, especially when it comes to style and modern class.

contemporary bathrooms 1

This beauty is presented by Neutra and it is part of their latest collection modern bathrooms, devoted to simple lines and minimalistic furniture.

2. Classically Basic

The classically basic style is also a good idea, when it comes to decorating your bathroom. It is very proper, for it is modern, but yet traditional.

contemporary bathrooms 2

The typical look of the bathroom is achieved due to materials like wood and marble, as the stylish element in the bathroom décor is the lighting, which is smooth and modern.

3. Lines

Lines are also considered to be super important for the bathroom interior. Simple and smooth lines are in trend, for they are creating an intimate atmosphere in your bathroom.

contemporary bathrooms 3

Another good decision is the game of the contrast between dark furniture, neutral and white lines. It is also adding some extra space to your bathroom, which is proper for homes with futuristic design.

4. Colors For Warmth

Colors in the bathroom weren’t considered as appropriate for a long time. Nowadays this is changed and the colors experiments are already proven as super modern in the bathroom.

Go for all kind of warm colors, which are providing fresh and stylish ambience for your bath.

contemporary bathrooms 4

Orange, terracotta, red and yellow are already bathroom colors, for they are fresh decision and are extremely good for homes with unusual design.

Black is also considered as stylish, only if combined with golden details. Do not hesitate to experiment with the colors, it is in trend and also shows your artistic and personal touch inside the bathroom. For lavish bathrooms you can also go for colors like purple and pink.

5. Texture With A Top Of Brilliance

Large mirrors, lavish textures and simple design are also the key words, especially when it comes to contemporary design. For those of you that want a bathroom in modern style, go for brilliant ideas.

For instance, the texture needs to be a little bit glamor and chick, while the furniture – simple and in neutral colors.

contemporary bathrooms 5

Glass is also idea for a well designed bathroom, but only in combination with wood. The mirrors as a part of the bathroom look are large and create a stunning feeling of space and comfort.


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