Comfortable and Relaxing Chair Innovations for Your Home

Modern chair designs reflect an article of state and dignity rather than of ordinary use. They support us throughout our daily schedules whether we notice their presence or not and are critical for our personal health and our taste.

Evolutionary items such as these chairs are always sure to surprise you with their futuristic designs and are also likely to change your perspective of viewing things. Here are a few of the really creative and modern chair designs that will definitely make you feel bad about your own chair.

Volo Chair

This Volo Chair by German Designer Andreas Storiko for Lammhults reflects a new extravagant image, an innovative material and a new technique. It has a combination of materials, shapes and textures specially chosen to offer you a pleasant experience. Apart from being comfortable and relaxing, it’s a beautiful and versatile piece of furniture.

Creative Chairs Bloom

This fairytale style chair is the creation of designer Kenneth Cobonpue and it is made of deep soft folds of handmade microfiber fabric stitched into a steel base. The chair is also available in Red, Moss Green, Light Green, and Yellow. It will make you feel like you are relaxing in a beautiful flower.

Creative Chairs Casamania

This chair, designed by Sophie De Vocht for the Italian furniture company Casamania, surely stands between carpet and furniture. The chair features a metal structure into which over sized yarn is woven through to create comfort and softness. The main base and the back are tightly woven while getting looser gradually at the length of the chaise lounge.

Creative Chairs Splash

This stunning chair will remind you of the macro photos of water splashes or of a droplet slamming into the water surface sending ripples across. But have you ever though of sitting in this 1/10 of a second crater?  This inspiring chair is from designer Michael Wendel and is called the Splash Lounge Chair.


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