Feng Shui Bedroom Tips To Make Every Moment Of Your Life Happy And Enjoyable!

Feng Shui BedroomFeng shui (flow of energy)– An ancient art of arranging the living places that enriches one’s soul by directing the positive energies and natural elements (wind, water) to it.

Even though the principles of feng shui can be used to any room, it is very essential to the bedroom – the room we rest, revitalize and restore the body.

Having feng shui bedroom can wake you up with good energy and refreshing mind, which in turn affect your health, love, relations, wealth, and luck.

A feng shui home decorating creates a harmonious flow of energy to the body and mind. The feng shui bedroom impacts more during sleep and affects positively on your health, happiness and mood. [Stylish bedroom designs]

Basic feng shui bedroom tips to enjoy every moment of your life:

  • The headboard (the top of the bed) needs to be positioned at a distance of seven to nine inches from the wall. This allows a free flow of air and energy in the region of bed. Maintain the same distance between the bed and the wall, if the sides of the bed are also adjacent to the wall.
  • Never position the foot of the bed facing the doorway. This can reduce the influx of energy into the room from the rest of the house via the doorway, making disturbance during sleep.
  • Avoid equipments (TV, computer) in the bedroom. The theory being that the presence of these items can spoil the flow of energy in the bedroom.
  • Get off a mirror or mirrored dressing table in front of the bed, especially the mirror depicts you in a resting position. So, transform the mirror or mirrored dressing table position or conceal it every night with a cloth before going to bed. Ignore it, if the mirror is too high to depict you.
  • Open the doors and windows of the bedroom often or arrange a good air-purifier to maintain the room full of oxygen and air fresh.
  • If any of the bedroom furniture unit is diagonal to the bedroom corner, close the corner space using a living plant. This keeps the ‘dead’ energy away from occupying. Also, place a plant at sharp corners of the furniture that is facing your sleeping position.
  • Allow high levels of lighting in the bedroom to maintain the energy levels in the room. As light is a good source of energy, a good lighting is very important. Make use of a dimmer light in the bedroom to normalize the energy levels accordingly.
  • Keep the storage places neat and well-organized by carefully separating the items to be stored and items to be removed out.
  • The images of the bedroom are to be chosen sensibly. The images are the units that carry the powerful flow of energy.
  • Maintain the area under the bed clean and tidy. Cleanout and re-organize the closets to place the items that are usually stored in it.
  • Identify the areas in the bedroom to place pictures accordingly. Place a laminated photograph portraying water in the wealth area and the photograph of the family members in the relationship area.


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