5 Tips to Design the Perfect Study Room

The study room is the most peaceful place in any home. It provides an excellent space for studying and performance of several tasks such as office works, computer tasks, homework, relaxations, etc. Thus, you may expect a study room to possess certain peculiar features such as comfortable furniture, bookshelves, mild paint colors, etc.

A study room needs to be properly designed to provide the ultimate experience of comfort and quiet. In order for that to happen, we have enumerated a number of tips to help you design the perfect study room.

Five tips to design the perfect study room

So, without further ado, here are five tips to make such study room come alive:

1. First thing first: Books

How can you call a room a study room if there aren’t any books? Books are like hallmarks of any study room, and, therefore, you should get them in substantial numbers.

It is recommended that you opt for bookcases that comfortably fit with the overall design of your room. It is better to attach bookshelves with anchors and screws. If you are unable to fit in all the bookshelves, then make use of knick knacks or picture frames for the purpose of displaying.

2. Colours

When you are designing a study room, one of the most important tasks is the selection of colors. The study room is a room of quiet and peacefulness, and, thus, dark colors are not generally preferred.

Designers recommend that study rooms should get warm blue or green tones for the purpose of invoking peace and calm. We do not recommend light blue, yellow or red tones, as these colors often annoy.

3. Lighting

Always remember that natural lighting and good air circulation will contribute to the making of a perfect study room. Keeping this in mind, design the room in the way that will invite the maximum natural lighting and air circulation.

Of course, you cannot always rely on natural lighting; so, get hold of a decently-sized table lamp you may require while studying at night.

A dark study room will not be any motivation to you—you might end up feeling claustrophobic.

4. A corner of relaxation

Sometimes, you may want to relax in quiet, and the best spot in your home to accomplish this is your study room.

While keeping a bed in your study may sound a little weird, but if there is adequate space around, then we recommend you should get one. You can get a couch, a bean bag or a single bed and fit it in the most comfortable corner of the room.

5. Inspirational Art

Decorating your study room in a way which is inspirational is a good exercise. Get motivational posters and paste them on the wall in a certain fashionable way.

Getting inspirational art to your study will further the function of the room—to motivate you to spend some time to studies, and if you do not feel motivated enough, then everything will be pointless.

Give your study room some life with sprinkles of motivation!


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