6 Tips For Showcasing Collectibles

A collection could be of anything—coins, pictures, antique, or may be bottle caps—and it is an integral part of our life. We take so many efforts to collect them and keep them safe from getting lost, but, at times, we may want to display them to the world.

There are multiple, creative ways to exhibit your precious collection to the world without having to shell out too much on the decorations. In this article, this is precisely our area of discussion.

6 Tips For Showcasing Collectibles

We have shortlisted six tips that will greatly help you in displaying collectibles:

1. A stage-type setting

One of the most common and workable settings for showcasing collectibles is stage-type setting. Put all the mundane objects against such setting. The stage could be shelves or pedestal, depending upon the number of objects.

You can creatively design the stage set-up such as in the case of a collection of playing cards, you can come up with a stage with matting on a frame.

2. Backdrop should not interfere

It is absolutely important that the backdrop does not cause unwanted interference with the display. If for example, you have an excessively bright or patterned wallpaper, it would cause a distraction, and the collectibles would not be the highlight anymore.

It is suggested that you keep a soft, monochromatic background to accentuate the objects’ presence.

3. Lighting will help

To create visual effects, make use of lighting to incorporate focus. You can provide light from underneath, behind or above. Before installing lights, do a trial with a flashlight to find out what angle brings out the best effect.

Shadows play an important role so pay special attention to them. They may add to or minimize the beauty of the collectibles, and, therefore, it is important you employ light accordingly.

Lighting is useful, but avoid using excessively bright lighting. It will ruin everything!

4. Managing space

In case you have more objects than space, then showcase one great piece in place of two modest pieces. Where one object in the collection is big, showcase it alone in a separate room. You may also crowd the collection—it could also turn out to be attractive.

You may want to showcase all your items, but, if there is space constraint, you will have to pick-and-choose. Do not overcrowd the display!

5. Glass protection for the fragile

Collectibles are precious, and therefore, they must be protected from untoward incidents.

Get glass protection for your collectibles. It will protect your collectibles from falling down and breaking into pieces and also prevent dust from ruining the display—this way you will not have to clean the collectibles and will be able to save a lot of energy and time!

6. Flashcards

If your collection has some history, you should tell the audience about it. The best way to do this is to place flash cards against every collectible. Get flash cards suiting the collection, write on them in calligraphic handwriting and display them properly.

Flashcards are wonderful ways of imparting knowledge as well as showcasing the objects upon which you take so much pride.


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