Small Dining Room Solution for a Trendy Life

We would all like to have a nice place to eat, but in the majority of the cases there isn’t enough space in the house to add a spacious dining room, so we have to settle for what we have. This doesn’t mean that we can’t eat in style. All there is need for is some creativity and a little time to do everything.

As an idea, you could add a custom banquette, for example a bench style seating. Add a table and four chairs, and the banquette will fit in just perfectly offering you the comfort that you need while drinking your morning coffee or having family dinner.

Small Dining Room DecorationIf you don’t have a lot of space, you should create the illusion that you do through adding some curves. Think about the round dining tables that are stylish and in the same time they make economy of space.

Also these offer you the possibility to have more guests around the table because there are no legs to knock knees against. Another good idea regarding the round tables is to get a glass table top for it.

Maximize the use of space through having a pedestal table and as seating opt for the bench banquettes. Their advantage is that they are comfortable and in the same time some of them come with drawers in the back which are just great to store the toys of the kids.

It is common in case of the older houses to have lower ceilings, but you should know that this isn’t the end of the world either. You can create the illusion of a high ceiling by covering about ¾ of the wall with beaded board.

This raises the ceiling and also adds a decorative ledge to display artwork. This illusion is further emphasized through painting the ceiling in the same color as the upper part of the walls.

In order to add some depth to the small room, hang some artwork on a bare wall that has a horizon line. In case the artwork has a vertical height, they also help with the effect. The best kinds of artwork for this purpose are those that show a nice landscape with horizontal lines to trick the eye.

Multitask rooms are the best solution for small spaces. Create a room that is perfect for family breakfasts, formal dinners, and also serves as an office and a library.


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