5 Most Effective Designing Ideas and Tips for Multipurpose Dining Rooms

Whenever we think of a dining room, a formal, well laid down picture comes to mind. But contrary to popular belief, a dining room doesn’t really have to be formal and it is not even important to use it sparingly only for guests. A dining room can be used for multiple purposes and can be designed in a lot of creative and imaginative way.

design ideas for Multipurpose Dining Rooms

For example, you can use your dining room as an office space or even as a child’s play area. The following are 5 most effective designing ideas and tips for multipurpose dining rooms:

  • Use of Table

Table is the main furniture piece in a dining room apart from chairs and in a multipurpose dining room; it serves more than one purpose. Hence it is important to select a table which doesn’t only work well for having your meals on it but is also tough enough to handle office activities and other work for which the room is designated.  Also, look for a table that is foldable or collapsible so that it can be cleared to use the space for other activities.

  • Other Types of Furniture Pieces

Some other furniture pieces which can be present in a multipurpose dining room include chairs, a large cabinet, side tables and table with wheels for bringing crockery from kitchen to the tables. Since it is a multipurpose dining room, make sure that each furniture piece you buy doesn’t only prove useful for dining room purpose but also for your other needs.

The chairs must be comfortable enough to be used for both dining purpose as well as office needs. The other side tables must not have glass tops if you wish to use them for your children as they can easily hurt them with these tables.

  • Decorating

A multipurpose dining room is difficult to decorate as it has to have a certain theme for a certain purpose. For example, a child’s play area must be colorful and vibrant whereas an office has to be formal and sophisticated. So to find a middle way out, you can keep the atmosphere casual, relaxed and not overly formal.

The lights must not be very dark whereas rather than painting the walls, you can use a light colored wallpaper on it. Place a few paintings on the walls and also put a wall clock.

  • Utilization of Space

Since your dining room has to serve multiple purposes, its space must be used judiciously.   If it’s an office, a play area, a gaming room and a dining room together, then you sure need a lot of stuff to be packed in one single room.

Therefore you must make sure you have quite a few hidden cabinets where office files, child’s toys and other things can be kept, yet the look of the dining room is preserved. Also try to opt for chairs without arm rest as they take lesser space as compared to the ones with arm rests. Avoid carpeting the room as it gives the room a smaller appearance.


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