From Bookcase to Stylish Room Accents

A bare and unfinished bookcase might be everything that you need in order to get the bookcase that you always wanted. There are numerous ways in which you could improve the look of a plain bookcase and make your very own vision be responsible for a spectacular new piece of stylish or functional furniture.

Book Case Makeover

You might start with a plain bookcase, one that has a strong architectural profile, due to the crown molding and fluted trim. To realize the makeover, the first step is to give the bookcase the color that you want it to have. The stylish look suggests in this case a dark ebony gel stain finish. A shade might offer a unique look to the bookcase.

Try to find one that has the right size to fit inside the frame. The shade should have a decorative pull in a brighter color than the bookcase itself. Storage bins can also be really decorative and add a plus to the bookcase. You might see that the end result is nothing like the original, the whole ensemble becoming a creative touch catching the eye of anyone entering the room.

Starting with the same type of bookcase, there are some other things to do as well. You could transform it into a cupboard holding books. You could create a country style, in case you choose to add a pair of shutters to it. The shutters might be quite easy to find.

Then all you have to do is to sand, prime and paint the bookcase. You don’t have to change the shelves inside the bookcase, and in the end, to finish the work, you could add a forge-iron shutter bolt in order to be able to close the “doors”. In this case from a simple bookcase you can create a country-style cabinet, having the same purpose.

If you are a fan of flea markets it might be easy to find some unfinished bookcases, which are waiting for you to add personality to them. With a bit of creativity you could achieve a cottage-design and to add a bit of feminine flair. In order to get the job done, start with painting the bookcase into a creamy color. You should add wallpaper to the back of the bookcase with a floral, damask or toile pattern.

The most important thing is to remember to keep the pattern simple so that it doesn’t shadow the items displayed. In case of the bottom shelves you could add a skirt, to achieve the true cottage look. The new color, the wallpaper and the skirt will make all the difference in the world for this simple bookcase.

A simple bookcase can be much more than just a simple bookcase. For example a plain piece of furniture can be the perfect item to be turned into a china display. Start with adding a new color, for example a bright green. To achieve the perfect dining room image, just as in the previous case, add a skirt curtain to the lower shelves.

The fabric should have a matching color to the color of the bookcase. In order to get the desired look, prime the wood and add a base coat of acrylic paint. Finish with a glossy touch on the armory elements and you have a cool dining room piece.


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