House Lighting – Creating an Amazing Night Picture

In case you are going to decorate your house and you are wondering where to start, take a look at your lighting. The light decoration is one of the most important things, when it comes to home design.

house lighting

Don’t underestimate the light décor, it can create an amazing atmosphere. It may sound strange, but many people do not think enough about the wonders that an adequate lighting can offer.

The position of lamps and lighting needs careful planning since any room in the house has different needs and purposes.

The domestic lighting has two main functions – practical and decorative. The most common mistake people do is that they expect one or two lamps to provide all the necessary light in the room. The truth is that each lighting element in your home should perform certain function. You can use the effects of domestic lighting to suggest certain mood, which will draw the attention to a particular decorative element.

The main lighting is the most important in the arrangement of domestic lighting because it has a practical function and it first gets ignited when it is dark outside. Since most often the source of light is the ceiling, it is important to choose the lamp of suitable size, shape and color. Mount it properly and safely.

You will easily coordinate other lamps (depending on size and interior) in the room. If you still insist to have ceiling lamps, put 2 or 3 lamps on various locations in the room. The accent lighting is used mainly for ornamental purposes in arranging the domestic lighting. A well-placed lamp can draw the attention to the beautiful antique furniture in the corner or it can serve as an ornament by itself.

The built-in lighting is also very popular, for it creates contrast, especially if placed on the top of a painting or any piece of art. Try to experiment with different types of light (Fluorescence, halogen or matte) and colors that will give very interesting nuance of vibration in your home.

If you have a kitchen breakfast bar, hook over it a series of hanging lights, but be careful to place them right. They should not be too low, in order not to interfere with vision and communication. This way you will accent on that part of the room without having to switch on the main lighting.

Don’t forget that you can place a decorative lamp anywhere you have mirrors. Thus the light will be reflected and scattered by the smooth surface.


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