Trendy and Offbeat Christmas Wreaths

In case you would like to have a different Christmas wreath this year, there are numerous different designs that you could be using, and the best thing is that you get to have a blend of artificial items and natural ones.

Offbeat Christmas Wreaths(photo credit:


The red and green colors of the apples can make this wreath truly unique and filled with color. Have a foam circle covered with green sheet moss with the help of hot glue. Glue pinecones around the perimeter. Add another one to the center of the wreath. Around the center pinecone, add 5-6 smaller apples.

The outer circle should have 14-15 apples, added the same way, with the help of a glue gun. The empty space between the rows should be filled with hazelnuts, glued with glue gun.

Diamond shaped wreath

The good thing about this wreath is that it looks and smells fresh due to the natural elements, such as pears, eucalyptus, berries, and the evergreen boxwood. Have a skewer inserted into the pears and push them into the square boxwood wreath. Add some eucalyptus and artificial berries with the help of a glue gun.

Twig wreath

You could add the touch of nature to your door with the help of this simple wreath. Start with a basic twig wreath and add berry branches, live greens, a ribbon bow and some bird feathers for a natural looking wreath.

Christmas white

You can turn just any wreath into an icy one through spraying it with spray-on flocking that you can find in just any crafts store. Decorate it with pastel colored ornaments using a thin wire.

Star of nuts

For sure people will smile when they see this wreath. Get a star shaped wreath and cover it with ribbon glued to it. Have nuts glued all over to the wreath with no specific pattern whatsoever. In the end glue bay leaves around the star, right behind the nuts.

Heart and apples

You can create this wreath using fresh or dried items. Cut the apples so that they will have a flat surface and glue them to a heart shaped wreath made of foam. There will be some empty space left and this could be filled with hypericum berries and also fir branches.

In case you use fresh apples, the wreath will last for a couple of weeks, but you will have the wreath made of artificial ones for a lifetime.


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