The Right Choice in Details May Turn Your Home into a Masterpiece

Many times a key center piece in a room can become the exact piece of decoration which, while defining that particular space it can also turn it into that universe where you want to spend your very precious moments and enjoy that specific window of time everyone needs for themselves.

A certain piece of furniture can become the element of balance inside a space. Whether it is imposing by nature or impressive by style a sofa for example can become a defining nuance for a furniture style.

A Gio sofa can turn into the life of a room by the outstanding presence only modern sectionals can offer by themselves without any other further additions. Creative and bold, suited for a modern home full of initiative, this sofa can be a signature piece for your moments of brainstorming but also for your lovely chats with friends.

Depending on the place it is positioned, a sofa can turn into the piece of furniture setting the pace for the room. For example, an Orice sofa says the party is on. It is fitted for a youthful environment where people hang together and have fun while they’re at it.

A more versatile one suited for a cosmopolite loft would be the multisectional sofa. Seductive, but also very functional, this piece of furniture fits a place with tales to share and guests to entertain in an upper east side kind of style.

A wise decoration artist said in 2002 that the distinctive note of a room lies inside details. Those particular details can become the “IT” in interior decorations and, even more become the best part of an elaborate ensemble that makes a house unique.

This is how contemporary mirrors can bring that certain artifice catching the eye of the visitor and can also connect to the rhythm for the “room’s breathing”. A mirror is so much more than the functional piece in which one analysis his or her outfit before going out.

A heartfelt mirror can be placed on a living room wall, absorbing the sunrays and creating a story like air while an infinity wall mirror can focus the energy in a bathroom on the distinctive details, creating a vibe specific to the design it fits.

Nowadays, the mirrors have the main purpose to collect or disperse the energy of the interior decoration. They can be personal, addictive, complex and outstanding … reflecting the personality of the one who chooses them…because in the end the room we decorate becomes the place to find our center and mirrors the best in us.


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