Paint Spatter – The Modern Touch of Daring Home Colors

Do you wish to keep up with the newest trends regarding home decoration? Well, catch this: spatter all over the place.

It is very easy to achieve the design, but as you might have guessed, it is more than messy. It is very important in this case to cover everything surrounding the items that you would like to repaint, and you also need to cover yourself.

Paint SpatterSpattering is a very easy project, and even children from kindergarten could do it, but this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a huge impact on a piece of furniture that you thought you could never bring back to life.

If you have a piece of furniture that you would like to change a bit and it isn’t coated with paint, you may want to start with a satin finish.

If the piece is already coated with paint, then you can go straight to spattering.

In case you want to achieve the professional results, then you should mix equal parts of latex paint and glaze. This way the spatters will have some shine and also some depth.

The next step is to load the brush with medium amount of paint and then tap it against a stick, from about 6 inches of distance from the surface that you would like to work with.

The best solution is to be working with only one piece at a time. Wait for it to dry, turn it over and start the process again. The best thing about this new trend that in a few hours you can see your old and boring furniture turn into something new and interesting, having an original look.


You should be working with dry surfaces, and apply the painting with the help of a brush in the length of the piece. Once you are done, just let it dry. In case it is needed, you could also apply a second coat of paint. Drop cloths and tape can be used to cover the rest of the furniture that you don’t want to get spattered.

Mix the paint

Add the paints that you are going to use to a wide-mouth mixing container and mix the two kinds of materials together until they are luminous and shiny.

The brush

You should put only the tip of the brush into the paint that you have mixed, to achieve the kinds of spatters that you want to.


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