Solar Power Integration into the Modern Lifestyle

If you stay in an area with plentiful sunshine, it is a shame not to incorporate solar power into your daily life in some form or fashion. Heating and cooling solutions, electrification of the home at least in part, can be quite effectively accomplished by using solar power.

Stories about homeowners going solar and making a considerable saving are now a rising trend. Many experts have opined that solar energy is the way forward, not only because it is non-polluting and environment friendly, but because it is cheap (after the initial purchase and installment of the panels) and is virtually inexhaustible (as against depleting reserves of fossil fuels).

Solar Power IntegrationSolar power not only makes sense because of energy savings today, but also adds to the resale value of your home, so that at least some of that investment can be recovered at a later date.

Solar power is catching on in a big way, as evidenced by stories such as the one about the Hawaiian island of Oahu –

a community consisting of 2000 military families will now be powered by solar energy and is slated to become one of the largest solar powered communities in the United States.

Currently under construction, the facility will provide four megawatts of electricity a year and will help offset an estimated 260 million pounds of carbon dioxide.

If you want to go solar, consider the following –

Sun Exposure

Your living in a sunny locale which has relatively constant sunshine the year round does make more sense if you want to rely on solar energy. Also the positioning of your home matters – if the home comes under the shadow of another taller building, tree or other construction nearby, solar panels may not make sense.

A home with a south facing roof is the best bet.

Consider your home

Solar panels can be a considerably outlay and to recover that outlay in terms of energy savings can take time. So if you own your home, the investment into solar makes sense, for those who live in leased homes, it can make sense only if the landlord is willing to at least chip in.

Also an old home may not be strong enough to support the panels and there could be a need to upgrade the roof.

What is your budget?

A Solar water heater will cost less while a installing solar panels will cost a lot more. So shop around for the best deals, and see if there are any service providers who lease out solar panels.

Also to claim state and federal tax credits, your income needs to be above a certain amount, so before purchasing solar panels consider all your options and weigh all of them with an eye to the rebates that you may or may not get.

Finally contact a service provider with a proven track record and long term experience. Take your time to consider all your options and obtain realistic estimates from the service provider.


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