Interior Lighting Made Easy

Moving homes can be one of the biggest transitions in your family’s life. It can be sad, alienating, even frightening.

The most important thing you can do during this transition is to make sure your new home feels like home.

The best way to do that is by focusing on properly lighting the various rooms. It’s hard to argue that lighting isn’t the most vital part of interior decorating.

It transforms rooms entirely, turning them from drab, dark shacks into vibrant, homely havens.

Here is a brief guide for how to begin thinking about lighting your home’s interiors:

Living Room

The biggest problems with living rooms is that they’re often over-lit in order to accommodate reading. If you have an overhead light, make sure it is dimmed so that it doesn’t dominate the room.

Then focus on lighting three out of the four corners with a combination of downward and upward glows. Use table and floor lamps in order to focus that corner lighting on specific objects, like a chair, a bookshelf, or something interesting like a painting.

Dining Room

What’s the most important part of the dining room? The table where you dine. This should be the most lit place in the room, though the overall wattage should still be 100 or less. For the rest of the room use soft, lambent glows, such as from sconces or votives.


Unlike the other rooms, the kitchen is where you want an abundance of lighting. All the important surfaces should be well lit by a combination of pendants, under-cabinet lights, lamps, and overhead lights. Who wants to cut vegetables in the dark?


Bedrooms are sensitive places. It’s hard to strike a perfect balance between the privacy of low lighting and the necessity of clear visibility. Best to aim for soft lighting that is focused indirectly on the bed and closets, allowing for reading and changing.

Bedside lamps are usually the best option for the bed. Track fixtures aimed at the closet can provide good secondary reading light as well as illumination for changing.


Females will likely need sidelights in order to make the application of makeup easier. Males will appreciate the same thing for shaving. Usually an additional overhead light is best for filling in the contours of your face. If your bathroom is large you may want another overhead light for the shower as well. Good lighting will help you clean the bathroom as well.

This overview of lighting your home is intended to be just an introduction. The various fixtures, appliances, and lamps you will need to put these plans into motion will depend on how much wattage you require and personal stylistic flares. In general, it’s important to remember the utility of each room and what the needs of its occupants will be.

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