Instant Sofa Makeovers for the Festive Season

It’s that time of the year when every house wishes for a fresh wave of improvement. But what would you do if you are running short on time and budget.

Fret not! In this jet set age, instant makeovers are the name of the game. Here are 6 instant sofa makeovers using cushions that can liven up your living room with the minimum effort.

1. Bunch of Cushions

Bunch of Cushions

The sofa in your living room is the focal point for visitors. Choose a nude color of furnishing for your sofa such as off-white and go for a bunch of colorful throws. Collect throws from various color groups and go for contrasting options. A combination of primary colors is the safest bet.

2. Different Shapes

different shapes

Round, rectangle, bolster and chair cushions are some of the different types of cushions commonly used on living room furniture. They are another way of creating layers and texture in the decoration. One can also venture to unconventional shapes like tartan and feather shaped cushions.

3. Texture Perfect

Perfect Texture

Instead of going for colorful cushions, you can try matching the cushion color with that of the sofa furnishing. Only, this time you can use different textures of fabrics to create contrast. Frills, puckered and knife edges are just some of the ways to achieve this effect.

4. Mix and Match

Mix and Match

Choose colored cushions with care. Unconventional pastel shades and bright colors form an excellent combination to make your sofa an attractive feature. Blue and yellow, plum and turquoise, black and white are just some of the combinations.

5. Work in Pairs

Work in Pairs

Pairing up cushions is a great way to keep your soft furnishings to look fabulous. Just choose a couple of pairs to go with the sofa. Paisley and other printed designs make a great combination against bold black feathered cushions.

6. Digital Prints

Digital Prints

If you are adventurous and do not mind trying something new then here is the way to do just that. Digital prints are the latest rage. Include back rest cushions with a photo print of picture that you like. It could be anything from your pet to a favorite bike and a family picture to an abstract painting that you like. Make sure the other pillows you choose highlight the digital cushions sufficiently.


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