Inexpensive Holiday Décor Tips

Every year when the festive season comes around, we want to mark it with our house looking its festive best, but would prefer to do so without the expense that goes into holiday décor.[Home decoration]

Here are some tips to help your home look its festive best this season:

green home decorGreen is best: Use things that you find growing around or close to your house from shrubs and trees. Using holly, mistletoe and other seasonal material, fashion your own wreaths that you can make not just for the front door but each of the windows as well as side or other entrances into the house.

And why limit the greens to doors? Place them in unexpected places such as in different nooks of the house, on window sills etc.

And bring out all the vases and platters that you have around the house, and use them for displaying all the greens or even wildflowers that you can find. Even a bare branch can be cleverly used to add to the festive flavor with a bit of embellishment.

Silver it up: There is a lot you can do with a can of silver paint. To make things look so much more festive, use some silver on pine cones, shells that you may have around the house, even sprigs of holly or mistletoe! You can even use that silver paint to instantly jazz up some earthen pots or planters.

If you have dried flowers around the house that you may have got a little weary off, spritz them with a little bit of the silver and you have a brand new display in a matter of minutes.

room decoration

Use candles: They don’t have to be expensive or scented ones, simple varieties of candles arranged artistically will add warmth and sparkle to any room. And it is well known that candle light is very flattering, and most people look good in it.

Use fruit: Rather than expensive flower arrangements use lovely multicolored fruit instead. They are beautiful to look at and they won’t die and require to be thrown away; you can eat them after you’re done with displaying them! Oranges, lemons, or apples make for a fragrant and beautiful display.

Also gather the entire family and make a project out of the holiday decorations. It is something that will be a fun way of spending quality time with all the family.

Also more hands mean short work and more heads mean more ideas. Let everyone contribute and have yourself some great holiday decorative ideas!


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