How To Avoid Inaccurate Color Coding From Manufacturers?

color codeThe color on the manufacturers chart or on the side of the tin is never exactly as it will appear in your room.

It is affected by the light and the existing color of the wall that is to be painted.

It is always worth while testing your chosen color out on a patch of the wall before deciding for certain color that it is the one for you.

So paint companies sell small sample pots which are very popular and great for choosing the right color scheme for your home. Alternatively you can paint swatches of paper which will do the same job.

When choosing which color to go for, consider what the room will be used for, green is very energizing but might not be very relaxing to live with in a living room. Blue is a refreshing color for a bathroom but a bit too cool for a sunny dining room.

For bedrooms why not use primary colors for children and exotic purple for the grown up space. Make sure that your home reflects your personality and if you have a passion for a particular shade or hue then why not embrace it.

If your favorite color is black then quite obviously a house painted in all black will not work very well. It would be a very gloomy space, however black could be used as an accent for example on a window frame or maybe a cushion.

If you really do not feel confident enough to take the risk of making a mistake by using color then bring bold patterns by using soft home furnishings or wall coverings. Painting one wall as a feature is also a pretty safe bet.


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