Showing Off a House for Sale? Give It a Facelift

Selling a house might not be as easy as you think, but there are some things that you could do in order to make the house look better.

Think about the furniture

In order to make the furniture look new again the easiest thing that you could do is to use slipcovers. There are also some reversible ones. These are advantageous because you can change the color anytime you like. Go for a color on one side and for white on the other side. In case you are looking for someone to sew the slipcovers, you should check the bulletin boards in fabric stores or ask the clerks.

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Add color

In case there is some color in the house, it will be easier to catch the eye of potential customers. Also you could throw in some colorful pillows to add personality to the room. Any color scheme could be spiced up a little with a few citrus hues.

Don’t think expensive

You don’t have to be buying brand new items to make the house look better. You just have to find those items that still look good and maybe find a new place or purpose for them. The majority of items can get a new life in case you add a new layer of color to them.

Seasonal changes

In order to make the rooms look fresh you could be rotating the accessories according to the seasons. Through rotation you can get the room decorated with different items with little money. This means that you won’t have to be buying new items every month and also you won’t get bored of the old ones that you have.

A new paint job

In case you are thinking about redesigning a room the cheapest solution that you can find is to do a new paint job. A new color can add personality to a room and the best thing about it is that you can also do it on your own.

New lampshades

Although changing lampshades seems to be something small and uninteresting, you can be sure that it means a lot to the look of the room. You can change them for $25 and when you are at the store you should challenge yourself to choose those colors that normally you wouldn’t choose. If you go with the dark shade, you should get an opaque one and make sure that the light is directed up or down.


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