Formal Lounge or Coffee Table Trends for Your Indoors and Outdoors

There are a lot of things to be considered when you are planning to shop for your furniture table as they are specifically needed for serving many purposes such as dining, writing, working with your interactive systems, and of course they play a major role in interacting with your guests.

Given its vast functions, there is no wonder that we always want a table that is going to look and decorate your interiors or exteriors while being durable along with easy maintenance. There are also different materials to consider such as wood, metal, plastic and others when shopping for a table.

The best option to look for is whether you can get the tables or any furniture for that matter, that is very easy to assemble, durable, and if it comes with low maintenance. There is a vast variety of low maintenance furniture available in the stores today that comes in different styles and colors to suit your specific needs.



This Neptune lounge or coffee table by Lervik Design is made of molded wood and the best part of this table is that it doesn’t require a lot of space while still being spacious. You can easily move in some easy chairs onto it and you don’t even have to bend forward or get up to fetch a drink for yourself with this table.

Nest Table

Another exceptional design form the Lervik Design is the Nest range of furniture. The top of the table is made of veneered or lacquered wood and the legs and the seat are sturdily combined with metal parts. The same materials and parts are also used for the accompanying range of lounge chairs, and also the restaurant chairs.


The Gecko collection from Modus Furniture is ideal for café use, meeting spaces and they can as well be used as occasional tables. They are fashioned from laser cut steel with a well recognizable identity.

UZU Collection

This table is part of the UZU collection from Team Tokushima. It is imprinted in the middle with a unique spiral pattern and it comes in different sizes suitable for various purposes.


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