Giving Your Home A Mediterranean Feel

meditterean themeIn home interior design the Mediterranean look is nearly always in fashion, it is fresh and timeless.

When styling your home you can take as little or as much of this theme as your heart desires.

In the bathroom, tiling with elaborate patterns and lavish accessories can be very easily achieved.

Keep the cabinets neutral and let the mosaics shout the taste of the sun. Plenty of candles always work well in the bathroom where you can relax and unwind after a long day at the office.

Before you embrace the Mediterranean determine first how you want to interpret it, often less is more. Look out for interesting pieces like ornaments or pictures but do not get carried away. There are many different colors to choose from but only select one or two or the whole look will be over done.

Terracotta is both warm and fairly neutral so that could be a very good background color for a room. By then adding touches of aqua, yellow or a much brighter blue the taste of the Mediterranean is within your grasp.

Build up a mood board by cutting out pictures of things you like, include fabric swatches and anything that has inspired you from a picture postcard to a scene from a film. Hotels are often a good source as they often use themes to attract new customers.

Start by decorating just one room and then once you become more confident your whole home will be a sunny haven and as peaceful as the distant Mediterranean.


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