Following The Japanese Tradition Of Feng Shui

feng shuiIt has become fashionable to decorate a home using the feng shui home decorating method followed by Japanese tradition.

The direct translation is wind water and it utilizes the laws of heaven and geography to improve positivity.

There are five main feng shui elements as follows; water, fire, earth, metal and wood, each of which has its own properties and purpose.

Wood for sociability, fire represents energy and water is about communication and traveling. Earth is for stability and honesty with finally, metal associated with success in business.

It is all about the flow or chi of a space and does not allow any dark corners where bad chi can settle. Seating areas and chairs should be placed so that doors are in plain sight.

Mirrors need to be situated so that the maximum amount of light is reflected into the space.Beds should not be opposite a door and if possible be protected by a wall on one side.

The key to Feng Shui is to get the right balance of all five elements where possible. Ensure your front door is not cluttered to allow the chi to enter easily and flow throughout your home.

In bedrooms, avoid any imagery portraying solitude instead try to have items grouped in pairs. Have smaller objects rather than larger ones and avoid at all costs sports equipment where you sleep.

The proper use of Feng Shui, in your home will create peace and harmony. If you want to embrace it even further read up about the use of a bagua map, which is how you would take it to the next level.


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