Designing The Interior Of A Log Cabin

log cabinWhen designing the interior of a log cabin there are certain factors that must be carefully considered, to get the best possible result.

Traditionally these homes have small windows and are therefore quite gloomy, especially if the logs are of darker wood.

Consider installing skylights, as these are an ideal way of introducing light without losing out any wall space. When choosing to position any of the windows, try, if possible, to frame any lake side views and watch out for aspect, to make full use of the sun.

A major consideration is the type and size of log that will make up the walls of your new home. The bigger the log, the stronger the look; whereas smaller diameters of wood are much easier on the eye. A large choice is available so ensure you get exactly what suits you the best.

The choice of flooring can make your cabin appear larger if you opt for a lighter color, many different materials can be used. Stone is very hard wearing and can be a very attractive contrast to all the wood.

Tiling is another popular option and is available in a very large range of both patterns and colors. The latter will also stand a lot of wear and tear.

Just like in any home, creating a focal point can really make a big difference, either a traditional fireplace or a favorite painting. Every room is enhanced by a special feature and it also injects your personality into the space.


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