The Perfect Centerpiece for Your Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is the time when the entire family gets together to celebrate. In order to have the right atmosphere, there are a lot of things to be thinking about, such as the perfect centerpiece for the table.

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Wire basket

In case you are going to have a stage table runner, you might want to have a simple centerpiece. All you need to do is to add to a wire basket some pears, leaves and nuts. The best thing about this idea is that it is easy to move the centerpiece to make room for the feast.


In case you are going for a classic style, it is a good idea to go for the combination of cream, soft gray and yellow. You can find horns in crafts stores, and you should whitewash it and add to it a piece of cotton at the opening. In the inside it should have cream burlap. For the perfect effect have it filled with squash, pears, apples, cipollini onions and quince.


Two of the main colors of autumn are golden and soft white. In order for the centerpiece to have some texture, you could add some wheat to a vase. It is also a good idea to fill a simple vase with white beans and add a branch of Golden Raindrops to it as well. The two vases go very well together.


In case you are going to have a buffet, you should know that presentation makes all the difference. For a nice style you should opt for a harvest style runner and have all the traditional dishes served on simple white serving dishes. As accessories you could also add a couple of brown candles and a Japanese maple is another nice addition.

Acorn basket

If you have a small basket that you don’t mind sacrificing, you should glue to it acorns with and without caps. Once the glue has dried you should add plastic foil to the inside and fill it with foam. With the help of kebab spears add some pears to the basket and make sure that they don’t move. You could also add to the composition dahlia blooms and crabapple, ash berries, or other kinds of autumn foliage.

Grass bouquets

The perfect holders for grass might be napkin rings, plumbing fittings or even doorknobs. Just make sure that the grass stands tall. The bouquet should be able to stand on its own.


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