Built-in Storage Places You Would Love to Have

In our days there are a lot of different options regarding storage, so why should you choose the built-in options? The advantage of this kind of storage space is that it is custom created for each space, making sure that you make use of every possible inch.

Built in Storage Places(photo credit: www.myhomeideas.com)

On the wall

The advantage of those built-in storage units that are placed on the wall is that they make it possible for you to save space on the floor. Such a solution could be used in case of a homework and study unit, as an example. You could see it as an alcove. There are many places where you could be using such units, and when building one you should also consider the future.

Make sure that the desk will be suitable even in case the little one grows up. Nonetheless you also have the possibility to raise the top of the desk later.

Bar cabinet

Food and beverage in many cases can ruin the look of an organized living room, so it is best to conceal them with doors. A really good idea is to hide the sink, glasses, mini fridge and the bottles of beverage when the bar isn’t in use with the help of the door that mimics the paneling that has been used in the rest of the room. The back of the bar can be used to make the bar look more aesthetic, through adding mirrors to the top and the back.


In the majority of the cases when people are referring to desks they think about those sit down ones, but you could also have a stand-up desk to save some place. This works very well in case of the kitchen office desks, as an example. Since there is no need for chair, you won’t bother the traffic in the area and you gain easier access to the drawers of the desk.

Under the window

Usually there is not much to do with this space and in the majority of the cases people use this space for the plants. You should consider adding a chest high cabinet that would be just great for storing china. It isn’t mandatory to add doors to the cabinet, you could also store books and other items that you would like to expose for the guests and the family to see. This works especially well if the window is small.


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