A Sweet Way To Create Candle Light

Victoria Delany surely knows how to produce a perfect ambient. The designer is eminent for her inspirational works and her latest collection was a total hit on the market.

The designer knows how to grab the attention and to transform your home décor with her stylish and unusual visions. Her latest works are already praised for they are interesting and add a romantic and bold atmosphere, no matter where they are placed.

Her lacquered candlesticks are really innovative pieces of art that will match any home interior, as long as you like the colorful game of the candlesticks. They are made with special wood and represent the modern vision of an old idea.

We have seen lavish candlesticks that fit luxury and futuristic interiors, we have also seen modern candlesticks made with simplicity- but all of those didn’t brought us the charm that can be found in Victoria Delany`s collection.

The wooden components are in different colors and you can set them in colorful combination and different positions. The silver- wooden candlesticks are also representing a fine contrast, for they are a combination of modern and old spirit.

The candlesticks are in limited edition and they are entirely hand- made. You can find them on the designer`s website.


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