9 Tips To Decorate Your Guest Room

guest roomMany people neglect the guest room in their house as it is rarely used.

However, you never know when an unexpected guest will arrive suddenly.

For this reason, you should decorate and always keep the guest room well maintained.

Tips to decorate your guest room

  1. As guests have to stay in the guest room, choose a style that will suit the taste of guests, not you. Select the wall and ceiling color paint that compliments the style of décor in the room.
  2. Apart from clean bedding, add colorful, crisp and attractive bed linens with a featherbed mattress topper, choice of pillows and cozy comforter.
  3. Clear all the drawers and place scented papers in them.
  4. You can keep a decorative tray on the table or dresser top to place jewelry, keys and other small items for your guest.
  5. Place 6 to 8 hangers in the closets to accommodate some hanging clothes.
  6. You can place fresh flower bouquet in the room. You can also include live plants.
  7. Place a few good books on a table. Include brochures related to sightseeing and fun places to shop and go for entertainment.
  8. Provide an alarm clock, radio, pens, pencils, scissors, tape, tissues and other essential items in the room.
  9. Some people do not like to sit on the bed. If the room is large enough, you can provide a comfortable easy chair with a table and lamp close by.


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