5 Family-Friendly Home Decorating Tips

Not all families are bound by the rules of neat and tidy spaces.

But this need not restrict the interior designer in you from having a well designed home.

Here are ways you can make your cozy space not only attractive but also family-friendly.

Family-Friendly Home Decorating Tips

Frame art work

Your children too have an artist in them. See how the creative side in your young ones can be highlighted, by framing some of the best art work done by your children at various stages of growing up. Give a personalized touch to special family spaces such as the kitchen or the informal dining space adjoining it, by putting up these select pieces on the walls. Include lighting fixtures that throw in adequate light on the frames and make the artwork look fresh and bright.

Open floor plans

Open floor plans come with the advantage of including every member of the family in all the activities of the house. It does not compartmentalize spaces and gives a feeling of approachability to its dwellers. Movements and adjustments can be easily made in wide open spaces. Opening up the kitchen to a family room, having a mezzanine overlooking the living room are some such examples.

Mix outdoors and indoors

Outdoor items such as rugs can be brought indoors not only to give a chic looking interior, but also for ease of maintenance. This is a cool idea in a house with young children and pets that tend to invariably bring in outdoor material home. They are not just easy to clean, but also available in sturdy material that does not require frequent replacement. These rugs are made of synthetic fiber and some look like a carpet of grass. Adding a plant close by makes the place resemble your garden.

Lighter hues, Fear not

Use of lighter colored upholstery in a house with children and pets is generally considered a taboo. But let’s suggest some easy tips to bridge this gap and reach a midway. For instance, you could have a sofa with the frames set in a light color, while the cushions that are prone to damage can be colored in a contrasting darker shade. This way you need not compromise on lighter shades all together.

Think beyond pink and blue

For decorating your kids’ rooms this time around, use other bright color options such as orange, green, red and yellow. Choose themes specific to boys or girls but opt out of the traditional pink and blue hues. Challenge and change the tradition. Look how fresh and bright the room looks.

Just follow these simple tips and design a family-friendly interior for your home sweet home.


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