Crafts Room Organizing Tips

The people who have a craft room or a workshop might know that these places work as a magnet for clutter. Although it might be the multitude of different items that truly inspire you, you should know that there are a lot of options for you to put things in order.

Crafts Room Organizing Tips

Paper Organizer

In case you have to work with a lot of wrapping paper, it might be difficult to keep all of them in order. However, a tilt-down paper organizer could be the thing that you need the most. This comes with slanted frames that can hold tissue and decorative paper. This way you will have everything at hand for scrapbooking or wrapping.

Grid Wall

If you happen to have a lot of items that can be hung, you should be thinking about getting a grid wall made of rubber grids. This way you won’t have to dig yourself through drawers for ribbons, tape or scissors.  You can hang everything you need so that they will always be in eyesight.

Inspirational Board

If you go to a crafts room, you may be looking for inspiration. You can make your own inspirational board of your favorite fabric and some pretty ribbon. You may slip your photos and pictures of your ideas under the ribbon so that there will be no need for pins or tape.

Glass Cabinets

It is a very good idea to use glass doors in your crafts room. This way everything will be in sight and you will see when you are running out of something and when you need new stocks. If you are thinking about remodeling, you should keep the cabinets, but give up the doors.

Magnetic Chalkboard

If you apply magnetized chalkboard paint on your wall you can turn a boring wall into something useful and interesting in the same time. Although the paint can be quite expensive and you will need quite a few layers, it will be worth it. Don’t forget that the wall will become a multipurpose item.

Mobile Island

One of the best ideas that you can use for your crafts room is to add wheels to the island. This way you will always have it where you need it and you can roll it away if you need the extra space in the room. In this case functionality meets mobility, two one most important characteristics that a crafts room could possibly have.


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