Country Style Bedroom to Warm Your Heart This Fall

One thing that the country style is known for is that it offers every home a warm and welcoming feeling without any effort. In case this is something that you would like to achieve as well, you should be looking for ideas to turn your bedroom into a country bedroom.Play up the Quilts

Play up the Quilts

You should start with a patchwork quilt as your base. Then add to it a floral duvet and throw in a couple of pillowcases with similar colors. Use some lilac sheets as well for the bed. You can top everything off with a handmade headboard made of vintage shutters.

Leaf Prints

Another idea for you to use is to choose a material with indigo leaf prints and cover the headboard with it. Use white linens for the bed. In order to make sure that the bed won’t become boring, you could also get a coral colored throw. To add a warm feeling to the room, get a striped carpet.

The Wow Factor

One of the hottest trends regarding bedrooms is silvering. If you use this finish, you should also get linens with a ticking stripe for the perfect country feel. In order to have some colors, you might want to consider lilac and amethyst throws, accessories, and pillowcases.

Bird Wallpaper

If you are really into the country feel, think about using wallpaper with birds. You can continue the same theme by adding a painted metal table and bedstead. Use linens with delicate embroidery. Make sure that you will have something to keep you warm, get a striped blanket as well.

Add a Focal Point

Every bedroom should have a focal point by adding vintage floral cushions, for example. The green and raspberry tones should be found both on the bed and on the rugs. The curtains could also continue the same theme so that you won’t have too many different colors in the room.

Colorful Bedroom Scheme

You can design your room by using the magnolia flower as a starting point. Use linens in pastel tones and cover the headboard with a floral fabric. You should also add a twist to the room by incorporating a quilt with vivid and bright colors.

No matter what option you choose to achieve the country style, you should make sure that you don’t overdo it. Although the room was supposed to be warm and welcoming, it shouldn’t be too sweet or cheesy.


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