Living Room Ideas – The 2012 Trends

It is a fact that people are spending more and more time in their homes since many of us are working at home.

Just as in the previous years, the trends of 2012 continue to focus on comfort, elegance and luxury, adding some color to the home. In case you are thinking about making a change, start with a luxury sofa.

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Furniture and colors

For sure you know that you should start with the larger items, and once they are in place, add some color through accents. The most important colors this year include emerald, ruby, amethyst and sapphire. Go for the bold colors that would fill the place with positive energy and also make sure that you have a lot of pillows, rugs, throws and curtains.

The wall art is also important and you should make sure that it has the colors that have been mentioned before. It is very trendy in this period to have few patterns and a lot of solid colors so you should ensure that the colors you use have a big effect.


When it comes to the latest trends, you should know that it is good to mix different kinds of textures. Start mixing the light and silky fabrics with thick wools and everything in between. If you happen to have bricks in the room then you could have some velvet added. Also wood and stainless steel elements look amazing together.


In case you are wondering about the colors that the walls should have, you should know that you could have just anything you want. Choose from the basin white shades and from the off-white shades.

Regarding wallpaper, make sure that you don’t opt for anything dramatic. These could have baroque or plant patterns.

In case you are still uncertain about what changes to have, you may want to take a look at the catalogues of the major furniture manufacturers, such as IKEA, for this year. For sure you will be able to see a pattern there. As an example you could see that there is a major focus on light, so you should make sure to have plenty of it in the house.

Also the bright colors made a huge comeback, and so it is no wonder that there are so many different kinds of furniture in white. Still you shouldn’t think that you have to go all boring with white because you could have some red too.


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