Branches & Dragonflies Table Mirror

Branches & Dragonflies Table MirrorMirror is the essential thing which will come in use more often in your daily routine.

There is a strong bond between the mirrors and the human beings; most of them use for personal grooming.

There are various types of mirrors available in the market with different styles, shapes and pattern.

You might have known that beauty of the home can also increased by arranging a beautiful stylish mirror as your home decor.

If you are interested to arrange a beautiful mirror as a home decor, try to select the stylish one which is unique in pattern and design and place it in your living room or bedroom.[stylish bedroom designs]

This branches and dragonflies mirror is a table mirror that gives stylish look to your home.

You can bring the woodland touch to any space in your home with this Branches & Dragonflies Table Mirror. The brass stand which is featured in this mirror is shaped in such a way that it looks like a real wooden branch with leaves and the dragonflies are perched all around the branch.

The shape of the mirror which is featured is circular with matching brass frame and can be flipped around. The height of this mirror is 15” and brass metal is used totally all around this mirror. Try to keep this mirror in such a place so that gives attractive look to that location.

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