Top Tips For Small Bedrooms

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary, but often in smaller rooms it can feel more like a bombsite – clutter accumulates easily and clunky furniture deprives you of the little floor space you have.

We’ve put together some excellent ways to make your room feel bigger and more spacious, allowing you the space you need to relax and unwind!

Minimalist décor

The minimalist look is all about creating a light, airy feeling to a room, and that’s certainly what a small bedroom needs. Whites and neutral colours are ideal – stick to bright shades, as dark walls and borders will emphasise the small size and shape of the room.

Instead, add contrasting shades such as dark woods or deep shades of grey in small amounts, on a window or door frame or even just on a bedhead. You can find a full guide to bedroom minimalism here.

Storage solutions

It’s difficult to hide clutter away when you have nowhere to put it, but you want to make sure your room isn’t crammed full of cupboards and drawers. Instead, think about how you can make the most of the space you’ve got. If you have a chest of drawers full of linens and out-of-season clothes – or anything else that spends most of the time tucked away – consider investing in a storage bed. It won’t take up any extra space compared to your exiting bed, and you can use it to store those bulky items, allowing you to get rid of the drawers and create more space in the room.

Go natural

For a bedroom that’s really on-trend, look out for natural materials to decorate your room – these give an outdoor feeling and are essential to the contemporary and minimalist interior styles. Pale woods and even green house plants will inject colour and texture into your room, without compromising on your theme.Houseplants also vastly improve your mood – look out for something that won’t drop leaves though, to keep your room looking spotless!


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