How to Make Your Bedroom Sparkle?

The bedroom is the only room in your home where you feel relaxed and calm. The bedroom isn’t only a place for sleeping; it gives you most of the things you need to start a new day – relaxation, peace and comfort.

In case you feel that your bedroom is too small and doesn’t have the spark you desire, here are few new ideas for decorating and organizing the space in your small temple.

bedroom decoration

The first thing you should do is to get rid of the clutter. Take a look in your bedroom and remove the furniture, which you are not going to use. Move them to another room.

The bedside tables that are not fashionable anymore should be removed too. In case your room needs new furniture, just buy furniture that will maximize the space. Don’t go out shopping without having a clue what you’re looking for. When buying, keep in mind that the curved furniture takes up more space.

Determining the décor to size of the bed is perhaps the most important part of the bedroom decoration. If you are having a big bed in a small room, you will certainly feel uncomfortable. So you have to make a small compromise as size is concerned.

Take a small bed, and then adjust the proportions of the night lamp and other decorations to its size. Choose a lighter color for the ceiling, for the bright colors of the ceiling create the illusion of more space. If you are repainting the bedroom, choose white color for the ceiling. You’ll see how much brighter and spacious the bedroom will look.

A small bedroom shouldn’t be a place, where you can only sleep and dress. No matter what the bedroom size is, add a chair and a lamp. A reading corner is also a perfect idea, for it will give a spacious look to your bedroom.

One of the fastest ways to make the bedroom look small is to place too big furniture. That’s why choose furniture with multifunctional use. For example, select a cabinet that can be used for wardrobe and TV stand together.

The color of the walls is something you should consider very carefully. Dark colors in a small room can make it as a cave. However, if you prefer darker colors, use them mostly in accessories like pillows and bedcovers. Walls should be painted in bright and natural colors to increase relaxation. The accessories should be darker, in order to create an impressive contrast.


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