A Vintage DIY Embroidered Lamp for a Romantic Home

There is almost nothing that you couldn’t do on your own if you wanted to. For example in case you would like to create a vintage embroidered lamp, you just have to use your creativity and the supplies that you might find in the DIY stores.

DIY Embroided Lamp

The things that you will need for this operation include self adhesive lamp shade, cross stitch package, embroidery thread, topping, tear away stabilizer, fabric marker, neutral colored fabric, white tulle fabric and beaded trim for the edge.

The first step is to cut out the fabric according to the pattern of the lamp shade. Then make a mark at 1/3 and 2/3 and draw a line along this mark.

You should also find the middle of these marks to know where to put the middle of the embroidery so that they will be centered.

Now you may get the embroidery done. For example you might choose three different kinds of trees to embroider. Once you are done with this process you should put the fabric over the lampshade according to the instructions.

If you would like to add some butterflies and dragonflies as well, you should get them embroidered on two pieces of tulle.

The tulle should be supported and covered by the tear away stabilizer. Once you are done with the embroidery, you have to rip away the stabilizer and cut the tulle around the embroidery.

Glue the body of the butterflies and of the dragonfly to the trees, and leave their wings free in order to create a 3D effect.

Finish by gluing the beaded trim to the side of the lampshade to get the shape fully functional and to make it more decorative. All there is left to do is to put the lampshade over the support and enjoy the new romantic look of your room.


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