5 Tips To Make The Most Of A Small Bedroom

bed with storageYou may look at it as cozy, cramped or just small, but when you have a small bedroom, you simply have to make the most of it.

It could be a small home that you moved into temporarily or the fact that yours is a cottage style house with charming but small bedrooms or it could just be that there are one or two smaller bedrooms in the home that you need to furnish optimally and make the best use of space.

Whatever the situation, with some clever planning, you can fit a lot into a relatively small bedroom space:

1. Bed with Storage: This has to be the most obvious way to make use of limited bedroom space – make use of the space beneath. Rather than a platform bed or a pedestal bed, use one that has pull out drawers fitted beneath.

Here you can store linen, comforter or quilt, extra pillows and even winter or summer clothing that you want to put away for a few months of the year. Some beds have pull out drawers and others have a lift up cover – choose the one that suits you.

2. Kind of bed: It goes without saying of course that the smaller the bed the more space you have around it. But, also the lower the bed, the more space to have to move around and about. Also, a four poster or canopy bed is a complete no-no in a small bedroom – lovely as they may look, they just take up too much space.

3. Another clever idea for the kind of bed to use in a small bedroom is a loft bed that you have to climb into with the help of a ladder. This leaves a lot of space beneath for something like a desk and chair or a computer work station.

Though this may not be very convenient on a day to day basis, it could be great for a child’s small bedroom or guest bedroom in some cases or even a home office.

4. Valance Pockets: You could attach a valance that hangs all around the bed – one with built in storage pockets in it for storing bedtime reading, cosmetics, night time creams and lotions etc. You can even put into those convenient little pockets all the nightstand items such as alarm clock, cell phone and magazines.

5. Light: Big windows or doors and lots of light filtering into the room can create an illusion of space in a room. Also light colored bed linen and furnishing and light colors on the walls will make the room appear light and airy – dark colors will make it appear closed in and smaller.


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