5 Advantages of Wet Rooms

Making improvements to our homes has become a regular part of modern-day life. Whether it’s fixing something that’s broken, upgrading a household item, or simply splashing out to add value to our homes, we will all inevitably do it at some time.

However, when it comes to making adjustments to our homes there is nothing more satisfying than adding a new feature that affords numerable benefits. One such example is transforming your existing bathroom into a stylish wet room.And while it may sound like a labour-intensive job that will represent a significant investment, the advantages of wet rooms are unquestionable. Here are just five for starters:

1. They’re stylish

First and foremost, wet rooms are extremely stylish. They’re the kind of rooms that lend themselves perfectly to movies and create a contemporary look in your home. Furthermore, if you’re a huge fan of showering then there’s no reason not to invest in one.

Once you’ve decided to convert your existing bathroom to a wet room you’ll need to research the different types of electric shower that are available. Choose a unit from a reputable manufacturer such as a Mira electric shower, for total peace of mind.

shower2. They maximise space

For people with modest-sized bathrooms who can’t physically squeeze in lots of additional nice-to-haves, a new wet room is a great option. They allow you to remove the bath tub or shower enclosure and free up large amounts of space.

Just remember that by their nature, wet rooms lead to very damp bathrooms overall. Therefore, it’s important to consider the placement of towel rails to ensure that your linens remain dry and fresh.


3. They increase the value of your home

If installed in a second bathroom, wet rooms will inevitably increase the resale value of your home. You can promote the fact that your home has a main bathroom with a bathtub – perfect for families – and as an added bonus, a fully-functional wet room that will appeal to young professionals.

Wet rooms make great second bathrooms as they allow the homeowner to keep their main bathroom with bath tub, while at the same time realising all the benefits that shower rooms afford.

bathroom4. They are easy to clean

Because they usually just feature a drainage hole at the lowest point in the floor and a shower either overhead or on the wall, wet rooms are very easy to maintain and keep clean. In fact, after being used, a wet room can usually be rinsed down with the shower head to remove soap residue and then given a more rigorous clean once a week. This is why they are often favoured by busy young professionals who want to enjoy their time at home relaxing and not cleaning.

5. They protect your floor better

Believe it or not, wet rooms actually lead to a better protected bathroom floor. This is because during installation, additional protection will be used to protect the area under your tiles. The only place, therefore, that the water can go is down the drain.

Traditional bathrooms do not have this extra protection so water spillages can seep between the tiles and, over time, damage the floor underneath.


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