Lovely Decoration For A Bathroom Drain

Can design and ecology come together for a good cause? The following example surely proves they can.

A brand new set of drains, all with fancy designs by California Faucets, will not only make your shower look splendid and very particular, but will also give you a hand in reducing your water consume.

Of course, being small pieces of art, the drains also have names attached; you can choose from Waves, Mission, Deco Line or Deco Swirl, all part of the Style Drain collection.

One thing that makes them original is the invisible screws, which also improves the feel of it when in the shower. The material they are designed from is polished chrome and nickel but you can also find some more expensive pieces made of brass or black nickel.

Another thing Style Drain can guarantee you except the good looks is the perfect drain of water while you shower and a fast flow after wards. And let us not forget that most of the materials used for the production of this collection are recyclable and some are even biodegradable, not containing that very usual plastic that most producers in the field still use for their pieces.

Plenty of reasons to convince you to go for the Style Drain, the collection where art meets ecology.

Source: trendir


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