Inspiring Haute Design of Celebrity Bathrooms

What does haute design truly refer to? Actually there is no definition of this design. A room decorated according to it might look really simple, with no patterns, but in the same time it might come with numerous shapes and elements. In spite of the many possibilities the haute design still looks fresh and doesn’t make the people in it feel overwhelmed.

The secret lies in the way in which the elements are combined. You don’t necessarily have to think that in order to have a haute designed bathroom you have to spend a fortune on it. There are some simple elements that you might find cheap, and all it takes is good taste to use them.

Celebrity Bathrooms

As a source of inspiration, you might use the bathrooms of certain celebrities. Naturally these are quite expensive, but you simply have to use the ideas according to your budget.

For example Sarah Jessica Parker opted for a bathroom that has a beachy feeling. She used beadboard wainscoting and simple medicine cabinets and glass shelves that have been created by Urban Archeology. The wall mounted sinks have been created by American Standard.

A truly unique look is offered by the bathroom of Donatella Versace. She used a black leather chair, a bronze Buddha statue and also a large mirror that reflects the view of the patio and the vaulted ceiling. We have to mention that the bath tub also has a special design.

If you would like to have a really special bathroom, take a look at the bathroom of Yves Saint Laurent. Here, a Moroccan style has been used through the specific shapes of this culture and also the tile work that might be applied in all hues. There are some specific color combinations in this design, like white and blue, or white and red.

In case you would like to achieve total relaxation in your bathroom, be sure to get inspired by the bathroom of Jill Stuart. The style is very modern, but still there is a feminine touch through the use of the crystal light. The color that she opted for is blue that is known to have a relaxing effect on people.

Simplicity might have nothing to offer to you, and so you may want to have some patterns in your life. Well, in this case the style of Anthony Edward’s bathroom can be the right one for you. In this case Stark wallpaper has been used and these large patterns make the small room come to life.

You would like to have some glow in the bathroom? Consider the style that Ralph Lauren used. There are numerous mirrors and lacquered cabinetry that reflect the light. Naturally the marble flooring couldn’t miss either. This way you will achieve a clean and neat look.

The rustic style can for sure offer something new if used in the right way. Martin Lawrence-Bullard opted for the rustic elegance. There is a simple bath tub and a wooden étagère, not to mention the antique floor tiling. Surprisingly the bathroom was added an antique bamboo ladder that adds a vertical line to the whole ensemble.


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