Change the Tile – Refresh the Shower Room

Having tiles in the shower room isn’t just a decorative element: it is meant to protect the structures against the possible damages of water. Naturally the ceramic tiles are waterproof and they are relatively easy to clean, which makes them a safe choice for the decoration of the shower room.

Getting the tiles

The first thing you have to do is to order the tiles. Naturally for this you will need to know how much you will need. Once you have this number you should increase it by 8%-10% to cover the damage that results from broken tiles or those that are faulty.

Change the TileTo make sure that you will do a good job, you need some guiding lines. This way you can ensure that the tiles are placed in a straight line, vertically and horizontally.

Make the plan

You will need a plot to know the exact location of each of the sheets that you will lay down. The best course of action is to place some lines that touch all of the walls. It is possible that you will need some cut tiles, and it is easier to place them in case they aren’t near a wall.


You need something to stick the tiles to the wall. Luckily there are numerous different kinds of adhesives meant for this purpose that you can find in home improvement stores. When preparing the adhesive, you should make sure that you don’t make too much of it at once, because you don’t want it to dry out before you get to use it.

Placing the tiles

First apply a thin layer of adhesive on the wall and then place the tiles. Work with one tile at a time, and try to work in rows. Twist the tile until it gets to the right place, and once you get it right, tap it gently with a mallet.


In the end you should also apply the grout. This is easily done with the help of a squeegee or an applicator made of plastic. Before you use the shower, you should allow for the grout to dry for about a week.

As you can see, it is not that difficult to change the tiles in the shower room, but you have to sacrifice some time for it, and make sure that you do a thorough job, because you are not going to repeat the project anytime soon.


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