5 Effective Bathroom Renovation Tips

Looking out to update the look and feel of your bathroom? Feel stuck at the very thought of renovating it effectively? If your answer’s yes, then this article is for you. If you really look at it, an effective bathroom design shouldn’t lack in any areas and should address all types of needs – from spiritual to physical. In the following article we look into a few tips that you should keep in mind when renovating your bathroom…

# 1:  Go for Elegant Fixtures

Let’s face it – being elegant is the way to go when it comes to fixtures. A nice pedestal sink with simple and graceful lines is a lot more attractive/elegant than an ugly cabinet vanity. For example, a classic “claw foot” tub is akin to a beautiful bathroom sculpture. Even when it’s enclosed in a deck, the simple lines on it carry their own beauty that happens to surpass or go beyond most of the acrylic versions.

# 2: Choose Durable Flooring

Besides focusing on different bathroom tile shower ideas, you should also see to it that you select durable flooring. Marble, ceramic and even stone tiles all work great as they are durable and also water resistant, making them perfect choices for your bathroom. Using subfloor heating coils will help warm up these hard surfaces. And the well sealed “hardwood floors” tend to offer some natural warmth while acting as a foil for the other cold and hard surfaces in your bathroom.

# 3: Hang a Stylish Mirror

Don’t make the mistake of covering many surfaces in your bathroom with mirrors but rather go for one stylish mirror that is beautifully framed, hung over the sink. It’s a much better and a more attractive option when it comes to mirrors. You can supplement this mirror with a simple wall mounted adjustable “makeup mirror”. If possible, think about installing a nice mirrored shaving niche (a lighted one) right in your shower stall.

# 4: Build the Shower Area

Consider building a shower area that is elegantly designed and that doesn’t need a door, and is therefore much less confining than your regular shower stall. However, you could go for one of those quality BedBathStore shower curtains to make the shower area even more elegant and proper looking. Besides having a well designed drainage, you could think about having a ceiling mounted “rain showerhead”. And if not that, a high wall mounted showerhead is also a good option as it splashes less water and will help in keeping the shower’s outside area much drier.

# 5: Inject Some Luxury into Your Room

If you’ve got a lot of space in your bathroom to work with, then you may want to indulge yourself with a spacious, expanded spa like bathroom that has its own dressing room, making it a real haven for privacy/relaxation. You can even add a fireplace, television, makeup vanity and exercise equipment. The idea here is to incorporate some good luxury into your bathroom if you can.

Renovating your bathroom in a way that brings out the best of it is not rocket science. As we see from the above tips it’s pretty clear that by taking a few simple steps you can take your bathroom’s look to a whole new level. And give it a feel that it deserves to have.

When renovating your bathroom remember to take into account your water heating and plumbing if your having a complete re design.


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