2012 Trends in Bathroom Decorations

When it comes to home decoration the majority of people don’t give too much thought to the bathroom because this is the room that they spend the least time in.

However, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t an important part of the house.

Bathroom Decorations

What the 2012 trends say?

If you are looking for the latest trends regarding bathrooms, consider the soft colors, impressive decorative elements and the natural materials.

In case you have kids, it is best to go for the bright colors. If the bathroom will be used only by adults, you could opt for soft pastel colors that are a great match for glass, wood, metal, stone and ceramics.

Some other popular trends include natural and eco-friendly fabrics. Wood, ceramic tiles, marble, felt, bamboo and cotton are just great for modern designs. You could use metal and wood to decorate the faucet handles, bathtub legs and doorknobs.

The wooden accessories and wood furniture are considered to be both modern and elegant in 2012.

Natural materials

Mosaic and stone tiles give an amazing modern vibe to the bathroom. Stone can also be used formirror and sink frames, small accessories and bathtubs. The best thing about this material is that it looks stylish, rich and unique.

Glass can also be used for tiles and mosaic in order to achieve a more artistic look. To achieve a luxurious look, you could use mother pearl, silver or gold. In the same time these also look chic, adding a special vibe to the bathroom.

Fixtures and bathtubs

Glass, wood, stone and metal are just great for modern bathtubs. In order to achieve the most modern designs you should think about glass black tubs, natural stone, wood and marble. In contrast with black, you could also use white for fixtures and other bathroom appliances. These work just wonderful with wood.

Modern colors

The most modern colors in 2012 are pale and almost neutral. Think about pale green, cream, sand, gold, ivory, silver, brown and white. Black and white are also considered to be trendy. Some other modern colors to choose from include light blue, black, hot red, bright orange, and red-pink. Such colors add character and energy to the bathroom.

Small bathrooms

In case you have a small bathroom, you should consider the designs that make it possible for you to save some space. Think about hidden cabinets and drawers to find a place for all the items that you need.


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