Bathroom Design Trends for 2013

A bathroom is a secret getaway for many, right in the comfort of their home. Hence, bathroom designs have gained major prominence through the years. In this week’s edition, we discuss the design trends that will rule the bathroom scene in 2013.

Bathroom Design Trends for 2013


The latest trend in lighting is scones flanking the mirror. It serves the dual purpose of décor and appropriate lighting for the face. If you want something new then add vintage lighting this year. They look good as a single piece as in a chandelier or as a pair over the countertops. Brass and gold finishes will be the most sought after designs in bathroom lighting.


Though there are not many updates that you could make to the sinks, faucet designs will be the next big thing this year. Choose brass faucets in traditional and ornate styles.


Showers go the luxe way in 2013. And marble is the last word in luxurious stone. Adding milky white marble to your shower room will give it a spa-like look. Marble can be added in the form of slabs, mosaic or large tiles. Whatever you do, you can never go wrong with the choice of marble in your shower area.


If you are planning to redo your large bathroom then including a new bathtub makes sense. Freestanding bathtubs are the current trend in this category. From contemporary to the vintage claw foot variety, anything goes.


Eco-friendly under floor heating is the latest rage among bathroom floors in 2013. The technique aims at keeping your feet warm and as the heat rises, it will keep the rest of the body warm too.


Accessories in the bathroom include window coverings. Materials such as linen sheer and Russian balloon drapery are all the rage. Shower curtains are another department that makes for a quick bathroom renovation. Moroccan and Indian prints are in, but make sure that the accessories are color coordinated. Choose ones that go with the dominant color in the décor. Choose patterns and colors similar to one another. Do not try to mix too many things.


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